Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Academic professional association offering advanced competency recognition through the Diplomate and Fellowship programs.

“To provide the highest quality continuing education and the most current vision science research.

To signify rigorous qualification and advanced competency through the Fellowship program and through the extraordinarily thorough and challenging Diplomate program.”

AAO Fellowship

Recognition of voluntary professional and academic excellence.

Optometry and Vision Science

Top-ranked academic journal available in print and online.

Non-profit professional optometric lobbying organization.

“Sets professional standards.”

“Lobbies government and other organizations on behalf of the optometric profession.”

“Provides research and education leadership.”

American Board of Optometry

Established by the AOA with continued AOA governance.

Provides an NBEO-like retest for interested optometrists.

Primarily a marketing tool for participating optometrists

Highly controversial within the profession.

American Council on Optometric Education

Accrediting body for optometry schools, optometry residency programs, and optometric technician programs in the United States and Canada.

Must be an AOA member to be an evaluator.

Association of the licensing and regulatory boards of the optometric profession.

“Represents and assists member licensing agencies in regulating the practice of optometry for the public welfare.”

Council on Optometric Practitioner Education

Promotes the continuing competency of licensed optometrists through continuing education course accreditation.

OE Tracker

Captures and stores continuing education attendance data for optometrists, accessible by individuals and their state licensing board(s).

Non-profit education association representing the interests of optometric educators.

“Advancing and promoting optometric education.”

ASCO Newsroom

Career rankings

Eye on Education newsletter


Faculty survey data

Annual student survey data

Non-profit organization primarily serving VA optometrists.

“To promote the best possible primary eye and vision care for our nation's veterans.”

VA Residencies

Directory of VA optometry residency programs

Residency program information and brochures

VA Job Opportunities

Local announcements

Link to open positions throughout the VA system

Non-profit mutual benefit corporation founded to serve federal ODs.

“The premier, in-house venue for federal service optometrists to share knowledge.”


Newest, most independent optometry organization

CE, mentorship and professional education


Membership restricted to optometrists with current or past qualifying service and for certain student categories.

National, non-profit professional association of member optometrists.

“Represent the individual optometrist, regardless of practice modality.”

“The Optometric Society (TOS) was formed by, and represents the interests of, optometrists throughout the United States.”

Mission Statement


Tabbed organization summaries.


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