Friday, May 07, 2021
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FOS Colors

The FOS organizational colors include core colors of blue, dark grey and light grey with accent colors of orange and red. These colors have significant meaning. They directly relate to events that prompted creation of the organization, and the intent and purpose of the organization as it grows and serves its members.

Core colors: Blue symbolizes importance, confidence, intelligence, stability and unity without being somber or sinister. Dark grey is a very formal color symbolizing neutrality, balance, strength and mystery.

Accent colors: Orange is a dynamic healing color, symbolizing benign warmth, curiosity, and exploration. Red generally represents life, vitality, survival, passion and danger.

Core Colors:

FOS Blue (adobe RGB: r129, g182, b253) or HEX (#63b8f9)

FOS Dark Grey (adobe RGB: r55, g56, b54) or HEX (#373836)

FOS Light Grey (adobe RBG: r169, g183, b186) or HEX (#a9b7ba)


Accent Colors:

FOS Accent Orange (adobe RGB: r237, g150, b0) or HEX (#ed9600)

FOS Accent Red (adobe RGB: r138, g0, b49) or HEX (#750025)

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